“Feeling confident in your clothes and being able to communicate that through specific garments is what we aim for with every stitch.”


Pockets’ unique Made to Measure process is not only about looking great, but feeling great. Taking service to the next level, Made to Measure is a way for gentlemen to buy beyond the rack—perfectly tailored shirts, jackets and pants to fit any sartorial need.



Each Made to Measure garment can be created from a varied selection of domestic and international brands such as Oxxford, Canali, and Belvest. Customers will choose swatches of the world’s finest fabrics and materials to create a one-of-a-kind piece that conveys a confident and supreme style.



It’s important for every man to have his own personal style, and there’s no better way to achieve it than with Made to Measure. There’s also a no better way to wear the garment—as opposed to the garment wearing you. Look better, feel better with Pockets’ Made to Measure.

“What ever details and modifications he wants, he can make.”



The Pocket’s Made to Measure process begins with an initial consultation in the store to better understand a customer’s sartorial preferences. Once we better understand the needs and wants, we’re able to put our attention to detail into effect—measuring each client’s precise size by attaining chest circumference, waist circumference and stature. Having a Made-to-Measure suit is customizable from beginning to end.



Made to Measure factors in the day-to-day lifestyle of every client, including a man’s physique. A full posture assessment helps us take into account the way a man’s clothes fit him. If a client tends to stoop forward, a jacket will hang lower in the front. Likewise, if his hips thrust forward his pants hem will have to be longer in the front than the back. Off-kiltered shoulders will leave a sleeve shorter on one side than the other. These factors play a large role in creating garments that are unique and adequate for each client.



After measurements and a full posture assessment, our customer is guided through an extensive block of fabrics, ranging in colors, textures and weight – ensuring that each suit exemplifies the individual’s personality. Whether it’s straight and narrow with subtle hues, or bold and colorful statements, the Made to Measure world is your oyster.



Beyond colors and fabrics, there are final touches to complete the process. The technicality of creating each garment is what really sets the customer experience apart from typical off-the-rack shopping. Whatever details and modifications the customer wants, he can make, whether it’s changing the style to fit body type, modifying the padding to accommodate posture, or ventilating options. A man’s confidence and style should be fitted to his requirements.